The Process

Foreign Manpower Consultancy  Provide consultancy/advisory services to the employers for the recruitment and employment of manpower.
Foreign Manpower Application  Assist employers with their applications to the relevant authorities.

Foreign Manpower Facilitator

 Act as facilitator to the foreign partners and the employers.

Foreign Manpower Interview  Source eligible candidates to be interviewed for selection by employers and where necessary to conduct trade test.
Foreign Manpower Documentation  Assist employers to prepare all documentation in compliance with the required procedures to ensure successful repatriation of the foreign workers from their source countries.
Foreign Manpower Care  Provide back-up service through local and/or foreign customer care consultants to nurture a harmonious relationship between the employers and their foreign workers.

For recruitment less than 50 workers, we will be able to immediately recruit, supply and deliver the foreign workers that your businesses require without waiting for your Company to obtain prior approval from KHEDN. Since the foreign workers will be directly under our outsourcing employment, your company will be relieved of responsibility as their “employer”.

White Glove will able to customize the outsourcing contract to meet your business operational requirements.

Foreign Manpower Monitoring SystemsSoftware created and maintained by our in-house team.  The system is a flexible and comprehensive solution to automate recruitment process right from demand requisition stage, selection, mobilization to the arrival of workers.  The system also triggers reminders when workers’ passport and work permit expires. 

This system allows our people to be aware of the stages of recruitment process and thereafter, the information can be extended to provide our clients with information, feedback or advice that is required.